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Residential architecture,
rooted in collaboration.

Quality architecture starts with quality relationships. That is why Spacehouse is committed to bringing a personal touch to the future of your home. You can expect dedication to hearing out all of your ideas, translating those into images you can see your design in, and ensuring that your design is built to your expectations.

ADU details


When initiating our relationship, we will have a commitment-free first meet to discuss your ideas and inspirations. This is typically about an hour-long conversation to hear what your ideas and goals are that can happen in-person or virtually. From there I will show you what you can expect from Spacehouse and if you would like to continue further.

Client collaboration


After the initial meeting we will dive further into your ideas and see what they mean in relationship to your home. Do you have very specific ideas? Do you need direction to help guide your design? Somewhere in-between? All of these can be accommodated and we will hone in on what makes your ideal dwelling. 


A valuable part of Spacehouse's process is visualization. As we plan out the spaces in your home it will be modeled on a computer. From there we can view your design well before it is built. The goal here is to leave as little to the imagination as possible before your design is built. 

Renderings and visualization


After deciding on your design it is the job of the architect to make drawings that a contractor can build from. This part of the process is the most time-intensive and involves making in-depth documents that show your design in detail.

Construction Documents


The last part is delivering the documents to you and a contractor for approval by the local jurisdiction of your home. Once approved, construction will begin. During construction, architect involvement is beneficial to help ensure that you are delivered a quality home that suits your expectations.

Construction administration


Spacehouse provides the services below and is fully licensed, registered, and insured in the states of Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.

Residential Design

Universal Design

Construction Administration




Architectural Drawings

Site Measurement


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