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Are you a Eugene resident? Ask about Eugene pricing!


Area: 600 SF (55.75 m²)

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Construction type: Conventional wood framing, truss-ready


Pre-approved in Eugene, OR. Are you a Eugene resident? Ask about Eugene pricing.


The Mira is a home design focused on adaptable layout for both accessibility, flexible
interior, and conventional construction methods to allow for predictable costs. 

Adaptability: The floorplan lends itself to being both open concept, and ADA compliant. This includes adequate space for wheelchair turning space, single floor design, and accessible fixtures. Additionally, the layout of windows allows for the design to face different directions depending on site constraints. 


Conventional Construction: The simple exterior design allows for builders to easily anticipate costs and labor. Some techniques used include typical lumber sizes that accommodate materials with minimal waste, use of products that are readily available, and simple details that expedite construction.


  • The price listed for this design includes permit-ready construction documents. This includes plans, elevations, framing drawings, sections, details, and window/door schedules. Included in this price are responses to any building department comments that may arise. This does not include a site plan, or additional engineering which may be required based on the project site or design changes.If an architectural stamp is required by your building department it can be provided for Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Stamps for other states can be provided at an additional fee and lead time.

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