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Area: 2496 SF total / 832 SF per unit ( 232/77 m²)

Footprint: 945 SF

Bedrooms per unit: 2

Bathrooms per unit: 1 

Construction type: Conventional wood framing, truss-ready


The Orion elevates the three-decker prototype for contemporary housing needs. As a reaction to increased housing density, this 3 unit structure features;


  • Efficient design that consolidates plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.
  • Modern acoustic floor and wall detailing, providing privacy for inhabitants.
  • Opportunity for live-in rental income; live in one unit and rent out the other two.
  • Design suitable for a variety of lots


Breathe new life into multi-family housing with this simple, elegant design.


  • The price listed for this design includes permit-ready construction documents. This includes plans, elevations, framing drawings, sections, details, and window/door schedules. Included in this price are responses to any building department comments that may arise. This does not include a site plan, or additional engineering which may be required based on the project site or design changes. If an architectural stamp is required by your building department it can be provided for Oregon, Maine, and Massachusetts. Stamps for other states can be provided at an additional fee and lead time.

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