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Area: 310 SF per unit (620 SF total) 

Footprint: 886 SF

Bedrooms: 1 per unit

Bathrooms: 1 per unit

Construction type: Conventional wood framing, prefabrication-ready


This micro-duplex is packed with future-forward aesthetics! At just 310 square feet per unit (a total of 620 square feet), it's the perfect blend of compact efficiency and head-turning design.


Think sleek lines, minimalist spaces. This home isn't just functional, it's a statement piece.


Built with conventional materials, this duplex is designed to be built easily by one person.


Skip the sky-high price tag of traditional builds. This micro-duplex is designed for affordability, letting you achieve your dream home without breaking the bank.


  • The price listed for this design includes permit-ready construction documents. This includes plans, elevations, framing drawings, sections, details, and window/door schedules. Included in this price are responses to any building department comments that may arise. This does not include a site plan, or additional engineering which may be required based on the project site or design changes. If an architectural stamp is required by your building department it can be provided for Oregon, Maine, and Massachusetts. Stamps for other states can be provided at an additional fee and lead time.

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